• lotoo

    Aiming extreme perfect and best user experience

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  • VanNuys

    Functionality, durable, Practicality, audio equipment container. Designed & Produced by VanNuys Inc. Made in Japan

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  • FewFever Studio

    FewFever Studio is the combination of finest creation which transformed the wildest fantasy based on mighty design and complete fulfillment of tetchiness.

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  • DITA Audio | Audiolinked international Ltd. 鷗霖 DITA Audio | Audiolinked international Ltd. 鷗霖

    DITA Audio

    DITA Audio builds products embodying a quest for the sublime, based on the premise that a well-crafted product is an experience in itself.

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  • Nostalgia Audio

    Nostalgia Audio, a renowned Hong Kong-based company founded in 2020, specializes in crafting top-tier in-ear monitors and cables. Our range includes various options for IEM and cable tuning, ensuring we meet the unique needs of discerning audiophiles.

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  • Gaudio

    Gaudio provides a high-quality rendition without compromise. For music enthusiasts & professionals who demand the best 100%SWISS made, No compromise.

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We believe music brings joy and comfort in this very tense daily life. Our goal is to provide well selected audio gears and link up your desired notes and bring you a great piece of mind.

  • Dekoni Audio

    Dekoni Audio produces high-end replacement headphone pads to upgrade your listening experience. Our pads are designed to offer maximum comfort while optimizing sound quality and isolation.

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    The most basic and important elements, SOUND and CONVENIENCE. To perfect these elements. DIVINUS pursues to produce excellent products above all others.

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    Handcraft cable by audiophiles always seek for the best music reproduction. With the most affordable price.

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  • Simphonio Audio | Audiolinked international Ltd. 鷗霖 Simphonio Audio | Audiolinked international Ltd. 鷗霖

    Simphonio Audio

    Simphonio was formed by a group of professional, experienced audio engineers who have created a number of great products with brand of "Simphonio" for young, innovative audiophiles with unlimited desire.

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  • Masskobo | Audiolinked international Ltd. 鷗霖 Masskobo | Audiolinked international Ltd. 鷗霖


    The MASS-kobo is a maker of professional audio equipment for sound creators and High-End Audio equipment. Reputable in it’s driven power and delicate handcraft skill. The choice of fine amp.

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  • Essence Audio

    100% Hand craft earphone cable in Sidama Japan. Adopt finest and well selected material. Very affordable price for your favorite earphone.

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  • Eddie's Lotoo Mjölnir 雷神之鎚開箱

    先說我是樂圖粉,主要是2015年重玩隨身耳機的第一套系統就是在新加坡Jaben買的全套組合,樂圖金菊花DAP以及VE6X1,還有Toxic SW24金銀合金升級線,所以會想要收集這個品牌的全家桶,樂圖的機器從金菊花,小墨菊,墨菊,PAW S1/S2,鐵菊Mkll再到限量版的鈦菊都有...
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  • FewFever Studio 小白菊品牌故事

    2013年小白菊訂製耳機只是由耳機發燒友一個玩笑而建立,但是他現在並不是一個玩笑。小白菊耳機的創作者JL LIN認為,訂製耳機必須獨一無二高度個性化,訂製耳機必須擁有酷炫的外觀,訂製耳機必須擁有一般耳機無法做到優異的聲音表現,訂製耳機就是一件藝術品...
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  • Goldplanar | Audiolinked international Ltd. 鷗霖 Goldplanar | Audiolinked international Ltd. 鷗霖


    GoldPlanar has a proprietary planar magnetic design using extremely thin film actuation materials and powerful custom magnets. Planar technology overcomes many of the limitations inherent in traditional moving coil drivers; Planar magnetic diaphragms also have printed circuitry across the surface of the diaphragm. The voice coil circuit of the diaphragm interacts with the magnetic field to generate strong electromagnetic force, causing the diaphragm to move back and forth, producing high-fidelity sound under the stimulation of audio signals.

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  • Creator

    Based in Hong Kong Creator cables are all handmade and welded, and combined with special shielding and twisting tetchiness to maintain the cables soft while having excellent anti-interference effects, minimizing external influences and transmitting the most realistic sound. Since the Creator upgrade line is all hand-made and tested, in order to maintain the best quality.

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  • OE Audio

    OEAudio® makes high performance audio gadgets, earphones, cables which are distributing worldwide extremely reliable and high reputation because of the quality.

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  • Whizzer

    Founded in 2015, Whizzer is a professional audio product company that has design capability as its core driving force. The company’s products are all independently designed and tuned by our J.IDEA studio, with a top-notch audiophile headphone supply chain. Our headphone products have excellent product quality and stable sound quality performance.

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  • 四國 • 德島 | 來去德島住一晚

    這是說走就走的行程 光頭一直很想去他最愛的VanNuys德島朝聖 無奈疫情的影響一直中斷這個計畫。
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  • 認識動圈單體 | 下集 |

    你到底要找動次動次? 還是普攏共..嗡嗡嗡? | 耳機規格 | 動圈耳機介紹 | 鷗霖不負責教室
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  • 認識動圈單體 | 上集 |

    你到底要找動次動次? 還是普攏共..嗡嗡嗡? | 拆解動圈 | 鷗霖不負責教室
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